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The OPM also laid off 75 people earlier this year. Noodle, meanwhile, announced in June it raised $16 million to help "accelerate its growth." And this month, the company tweaked its name from Noodle Partners to Noodle, an effort to bring its network of ed tech partners and university customers under a single banner, according to a company statement .  So its latest deal isn't simply an OPM buying another OPM, said Phil Hill, an ed tech consultant with the firm MindWires. "You have a highly invested company that fell apart, and another company who needs to consolidate and get bigger," Hill said. Adding the marketing agency, in particular, will expand Noodle's capacity in one of OPMs' core areas. Marketing and recruitment are the most common jobs for which colleges hired OPMs, according to a survey published earlier this year. While Noodle has historically called on outside companies to provide specific services for its college partners, it has "slowly started" bringing those functions in-house, said its president, Keri Hoyt.  The company expects to do more digital marketing and SEO work itself as a result of the acquisition, Hoyt said. Noodle will also take over HotChalk's partnership with New York University’s Steinhardt school for its teacher residency and education leadership and innovation programs. And it will take over teach-out programs at Concordia University's Nebraska and Chicago sites. HotChalk's CEO, Rob Wrubel, will become Noodle's chief marketing officer. In all, Noodle will add 54 people from the acquisition, Hoyt said.

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